Sunday, 10 April 2016

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #52

1// Yoga For the last month I've been attending an 'introduction to zen yoga' course. It's on a weekday evening in a studio about twenty-five minutes from my flat and I love it. I've been practicing yoga in my bedroom for about a year now and it took me that long to find the confidence to actually go to a class. I'm glad I did. This week I was in an absolute fury before the class - furious almost to the point of speechlessness - but that all melted away after an hour of breathing, being mindful, stretching and moving. Sometimes I get so frustrated with my body's limitations (short, tight muscles and stupid hips), that I forget to recognise the full benefits of yoga, particularly what a difference it can make to my mood.

2// Heresy live recording on Thursday one of my colleagues asked if I wanted to go to a recording of a Radio Four show called Heresy. I almost declined because I had planned a date with my pjs, but I talked myself into saying yes and went. It was amazing and I'll be certainly listening to Radio Four a bit more from now on.

3// Early mornings I'm trying something a little different for my morning routine at the moment and it seems to be working quite well. I'm setting my alarm just a little earlier, getting myself a cup of hot water and lemon and then settling back into bed for twenty minutes with my book before showering and facing the day. I adore early mornings - they make me feel so calm - and I can't wait for them to be even lighter.

4// Productivity I feel like I've really found my spark again this week and I've been busy busy doing lots of things - writing, reading, tidying, planning. Having a completed to do list is a wonderful feeling.

5// Essex I've not been spending a huge amount of time in London recently. I'm very uncomfortable and unhappy in my flat so I've taken every opportunity to go away at the weekends. This weekend I've been in Essex with Mike and, as usual, it's been glorious. We even had a sneaky cream tea!

What made you happy this week?


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